Lower Your Energy Bills With The Utility Energy Audit Program

Connecticut residents are eligable for a program offered through the utility companies to help Connecticut homeowners save money on their utility bills and become more energy efficient. Many homeowners are not aware of this great program and what is included in the service.

Your utility bill may be shocking, and offers few helpful details: it doesn't tell you when your energy use peaks, doesn't explain how best to reduce power consumption, and doesn't tell you how your home is spending your money.

Don't you think that is worth finding out? A home energy audit is the first step to understanding your home's energy usage as well as its overall health and performance. Using a combination of high tech tests and common sense evaluations, an energy audit provides a list of energy and money saving steps, explains how and why your house is costing you money, then prioritizes steps to take to knock down those costs over the long haul.

Expert Home Comfort, Insulation and Energy Check Up Service

An authorized contractor will perform an energy assessment, make on-the-spot improvements to make your home weather-tight, including caulking and sealing of critical air leaks, LED light bulbs, hot water pipe insulation and depending on your eligibility, provide money-saving rebates on insulation, appliances and HVAC systems.

  • 2 technicians (4-6 hours providing energy efficient products and services)
  • Blower door testing and on the spot air sealing to eliminate drafts
  • Installation of up to 25 LED high efficiency light bulbs
  • Faucet aerators and low-flow shower heads installed
  • Duct sealing to reduce duct air loss, reducing your AC and heating costs
  • Health and safety testing
  • Review of insulation levels and rebates up to 50% of insulation projects - 0% on bill payments available
home energy audit

All of these products and services are offered to you for a co-payment of $149 with no additional costs ($174 for oil heated homes). The program is funded by an existing charge on your utility bill, so it only makes sense to take advantage of a service that you are already paying for. Look for specials and promotions on our Facebook page.

Stay Cooler In The Summer, Warmer In The Winter

In addition, there are insulation rebates that can cover a significant portion of the cost for increasing the insulation in your home. There are programs that offer no upfront cost and 0% financing made directly on your utility bill.

*Offer does not apply to customers who have previously had the HES services performed.

But Don't Delay! Funds Are Limited, So Give Us A Call Or Enter Your Zipcode Below.

What can you expect during a home energy inspection?

The home energy audit pinpoints sources of high energy consumption, safety and health concerns in your home including:

  • Air Leaks
  • Insufficient Insulation
  • Moisture
  • Defective air Ducts
  • Gas Leaks
  • Ventilation Issues
  • Appliance Efficiency
  • Mold
  • Asbestos

What common issues are immediately fixed during a home energy inspection?

  • We improve cold and drafty rooms in the winter on the spot.
  • We improve hot and humid rooms in the summer on the spot.
  • We check the safety of your heating and combustion appliances.
  • We provide lighting and water conservation measures.
  • We reduce air leakage of your home to the outdoors.
  • We reduce and in many cases eliminate ice damming.
  • We reduce and in many cases eliminate rodents in basements and attics.
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